Kalamata Olives

Excellent table olive variety with denomination of origin global awareness Kalamata. These middle core olives have dark brown - violet color, are crunchy with a slight bitter, fruity and vinegary taste. The ratio of flesh / core is 7.5 : 1.

Olive trees are cultivated in hilly areas of Messinia in accordance with the specifications we against nature and the consumer. The manual harvest of the ripe fruit is in November and is transferred carefully toward processing and packaging.

We offer you this unique nutritional value and taste olives, whole, pitted and sliced.

The famous and familiar image that completes the Greek salad but is also used as an appetizer but also as an accompanying for a drink and a meal.

Nutritional Value

Like other olives, are high in vitamin A, lower in B1, B6, B12 that help to keep the skin healthy, enhance a good nervous system and accelerate metabolism. They are the only ones that contain beta-tocopherol and alpha-tocotrienol, antioxidants in combination with a ten-fold amount relative to the oil, monounsaturated fatty acids offer protection to the body from the cardiovascular diseases, cancer and strokes. Rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and iron.

100gr Olives
Energy Kcal229
Protein gr1.6
Carbohydrate gr4.8
Fat gr21.9
Saturated gr2.7
mono-Unsaturated gr16.5
Vitamin E mg36.4
Salt gr3
Water gr71,5
Shelf life2 years
StorageRoom Temperature
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