Green olives of Chalkidiki

Among the most known varieties of edible olives in Greece is the Green Olive of Halkidiki and as the name indicates is grown almost exclusively in Chalkidiki. These olives have a bright green - greenyellow color, distinctive fruity aroma, slightly bitter - spicy taste, with a lack of greasiness, characterized by their large size, the ratio of flesh -core 9: 1.

By showing respect to nature and the consumer, olive trees are cultivated in accordance with the rules and legislation. After careful harvesting the fruit early in October, they are placed in barrels for debittering and then they preserved with salt, brine, vinegar or oil.

We offer you the Green Olives of Halkidiki whole, pitted, cracked, engraved, selecting the filling as almond, garlic, pepper, lemon, orange and Macedonian pepper.

Excellent food daily habit as an appetizer, in salads, accompanying a meal but also a drink.

Nutritional Value

Although it is incomplete in olive oil therefore has less vitamin E, is rich in vitamin A, smaller in B1, B6, B12 the combination helps to keep the skin healthy, good nervous system and enhance metabolism. Contains tenfold amount of antioxidants from olive oil because of monounsaturated fatty acids and tocopherol that help protect the body from cardiovascular disease, cancer and strokes. Rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and iron.

100gr Olives
Energy Kcal201,5
Protein gr1,4
Carbohydrate gr1,7
Fat gr0,1
Saturated gr20,4
mono-Unsaturated gr2,95
Vitamin A mg200
Salt gr4
Water gr71,5
Shelf life2 years
StorageRoom Temperature
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