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Essence makers in ancient Greece knew very well the art of mixing olive oil with herbs, preparing in this way the foundations for cosmetic and therapeutic products.

In this place which is rich of herbs, spices, plants, fruits, alone or in combination, we prepare a special aromatic olive oil. Basic principle, the quality of the oil, it should be just low in acidity and a new harvest. The collection of the materials done at an appropriate period for each of them, cleaned and dried directly in a simple traditional way.

With love and respect to nature we offer you Extra virgin olive oil with aromas from Greece that challenge us to touch our lunch and lure us into a unique dining experiences.


Gifts of nature which keeping inside their precious ingredients helping to good health were chosen to add to the already indisputable value of extra virgin olive oil.


Rosemary is an evergreen and aromatic shrub with height up to 2m that grows in the Mediterranean region. It has beautiful cyan or white flowers that bees adore and produce an extremely tasty honey. Widely used in cooking as a flavoring giving a particular taste. Its pharmaceutical properties help ailments such as rheumatism, intestinal disorders and various irritations of the mouth such as coughing.


The Greek oregano is universally considered the best qualitatively. Aromatic shrub with a height of 20-80cm is native and is found in mountainous and rocky soils. Apart from the characteristic flavor and aroma that leaves to the food is notorious for large pharmaceutical properties. Helps hypertension, arteriosclerosis, intestinal atony and toothache. It has antioxidant activity (12 times greater than oranges) and is used for chronic rheumatism and colic.


Sacred tree dedicated to the Olympian god Apollo which is identical to the glory and victory. Needs much of water to grow, is multiplied with seeds which are then transplanted. Gives excellent aromatic odor while cooking and combats insomnia and tension. The leaves of Daphni help in cases of indigestion, mouth infections, arthritic pains and its oil stimulates the hair and make shiny.


A highly durable shrub with erect stems that found in mountainous, dry and rocky areas of mainland of Greece. Nearby hives with bees are placed to produce the fine thyme honey. Contains high antiseptic properties and so it is main ingredient formulations for washing the mouth, for disinfecting hands and also for the treatment of bronchitis.


A perennial plant relative to the peppermint that reaches a height of 30-100cm. Highly resistant to low temperatures but needs plenty of water to thrive. Aromatizes your meal but it is also a tonic, digestive herb that confronts nausea and stomach pains. Helps to reduce headaches, dizziness and racing heart.


A seasonal herb that looks like dill and was discovered in the Mediterranean region. In the Middle Ages it was considered to have magical properties and used it to drive out evil spirits. It has a sweet smell with a slight sense of mint, highly flavors meat, fish and fruits. It offers the rejuvenating properties to the skin, eyes as it contains vitamins and minerals that reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

Black Pepper

Wrist of plant widespread and well known for its spicy taste. What perhaps most people do not know is the beneficial properties. Black pepper stimulates the taste buds of the tongue sending a message to the stomach secrete substances that help in the digestion resulting lack of discomfort, heartburn, bloating. It has strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties helping the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal system. It is an excellent source of iron and manganese.

Chili Pepper

Thrives in damp soil and loves the sun and the heat. Like all the hot spices, the chili pepper as well, raises the body burning process and in a long term it can regulate the body weight. Contains beta-carotene, which gives it antioxidant properties and a mechanism that helps the proper function of the cardiovascular system by reducing the bad cholesterol. It is a good source of vitamins A and C relieving our respiratory.


Mandarin belongs to the family of citrus, loves warm and seaside areas and the nutritional value is inversely proportional to its size, this small juicy and so tasty fruit hides treasures such as vitamin A and C, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium , folic acid. It reduces the chances of stroke, diabetes, heart attack, arthritis and blood pressure. Improves vision, strengthens bones and facilitate digestion.


The lemon tree thrives in a warm climate, needs sunshine and plenty of water. Excellent source of vitamin C, containing compounds which provide anti-cancer properties. It helps in weight loss and stimulate hair, gums, skin and eyes

Black Truffle

"The black diamond of the kitchen", "food of the gods" some names for the rare mushroom that grows underground and lives together in tree roots and shrubs. A totally organic product, with culinary and nutritional value, is a sought-after delicacy worldwide. It contains proteins, amino acids, fiber, minerals and vitamins. From ancient times until today in the specific scent of truffle impart aphrodisiac properties as well.


Lime is a tree that grows up to 5 m tall, with small white flowers, loves very warm climate and sunshine. It is more acidic and contains one third less vitamin C than lemon. It is a good source of dietary fiber and can easily replace the lemon because they have similar therapeutic properties.


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