Amfissa Olives

This particular variety gives us the fruit that may, depending on the maturity to produce a different type of table olives in color and flavor. Grown in Central Greece as evidenced by its name, with a ratio of flesh-core 8.5: 1.

The careful gathering of the fruit begins in late October and is extended until February. Depending on the type of olives we want to produce, using a different way of processing and standardization.

The uniqueness of this olive is offered το you from green, blond olor up to black. Whole, engraved, sliced and with excellent black and green paste recipe.

It can accompany the salad, dinner or a drink and to complet a sandwich in the most natural and totally organic healthy way.

Nutritional Value

Its rich nutritional characteristics compete with the extra virgin olive oil. Containing large amounts of vitamin A, carotenoids, and fewer B1, B6, B12 the combination helps to keep the skin healthy, improve nervous system function and enhance metabolism. The black olives like Kalamon have beta-tocopherol and alpha-tocotrienol, antioxidants combined with monounsaturated fatty acids offer protection to the body from cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer. Like all the olives they are full of minerals potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and iron.

100gr Olives
Energy Kcal229
Protein gr1.6
Carbohydrate gr4.8
Fat gr21.9
Saturated gr2.7
mono-Unsaturated gr16.5
Vitamin E mg36.4
Salt gr3
Water gr71,5
Shelf life2 years
StorageRoom Temperature
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