There is a place famous for its top quality extra virgin olive oil around the world: Sparta and the area of Laconia; the land of the legendary Leonidas and the 300 fearless warriors. The laconic oil was the key ingredient in the diet of the ancient Spartans. It is the synergy of many small miracles of nature that make it sought after and famous.

Laconia is the southernmost prefecture of the Peloponnese and mainland Greece. Surrounded by the Aegean Sea, containing the Taygetos mountain range (highest peak in the Peloponnese, 2,407 meters) and the fertile valley of the river Eurotas. This land with an excellent Mediterranean climate ideal for growing olives with long periods of sunshine throughout the year, rainy autumn, mild winters and warm-dry summers.

Under these ideal conditions, grows a variety gifted by nature that produces the unique extra virgin olive oil with a deep bright green color, fruity flavor with a slight bitterness which coexists with a soft feel of freshly cut grass and various fruits.