The discoveries of archaeologists in Greece is evidenced the presence of the olive tree in Greece since the Neolithic period.

The systematic cultivation of the olive tree certified to the Mycenaean period where there were found even olive pits in vessels at Knossos and Arhanes

The quarrel of Goddess Athena with Poseidon for the name of the city of Athens, finds the goddess victorious. Then the Goddess, plants the olive tree on the Acropolis and teaches the Athenians its cultivation.

Since ancient times the olive oil was one of the most important factors of Greek economy, because it was the key element of their diet.

Its use does not end there, it was used as a medicine in many diseases, as a cosmetic for the skin, as fuel in lamps for lighting but also as a lubricant in mechanisms, components etc. It is known and its use as a preservative for the gold and ivory statue of Zeus at Olympia one of the seven wonders of the world.

Euripides calls Messinia "Kallikarpo" because of its beauty and the rich fertile land which is the land of olives and olive oil.

Since ancient times, the olive has been the symbol of peace, wisdom and victory. Olympic champions took as unique prize, a wreath of olive branch the "kotinos" which were made by the "kallistefanos olive tree" that were in the temple of Hera in Ancient Olympia.

But in the Old Testament as well, God instructed Noah to build the ark to be saved from the flood that will follow on the earth, because of the moral degradation of man.

When the flood ended, Noah sent out a dove to make sure whether they could go out and that turned back with an olive branch symbolizing the peace that came between God and man.

About Olive Oil

Is the oil obtained from the first cold pressing of the fruit by mechanical methods only without any chemicals. Olive oil highest category with outstanding taste and aromas which retains all the beneficial ingredients for the human body. It has a light zest in the taste and can be consumed directly.

The enviable leading role into the food chain of the Mediterranean diet comes from the precious ingredients such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, the polyphenols which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins A, D, E, B, C, K, flavonoids, fiber, sodium, minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, selenium, copper and so many others gives olive oil a place among the 10 best foods worldwide.

There are varieties which are table olives and others that gives olive oil. The finest varieties that produce oil with excellent characteristics is Koroneiki, Athinolia and Manaki.

Greece is the third largest olive oil producing country in the world, with varieties that give us olive oils with different characteristics, which classify us, as the first country in the world in high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Comes from a combination of knowledge production and taste characteristics. Starting from the literal observance of the recommendations of agronomists for the correct method of cultivation of olive trees and reaching the formulation and packaging of olive oil, it is a long road that needs great care and love, only then we can get the best quality extra virgin olive oil.

The terrain of Greece and particularly its mild climate helps in developing a variety of olive trees that produce extra virgin olive oil at a rate of almost 80% of the domestic production. The varieties grown in our country offering fresh olive juice from antiquity to nowadays call it "liquid gold". The expertise and love of producers for their olive trees, the unheated crushed fruit and the proper maintenance of olive oil in stainless steel tanks offer a product that is unrivaled in flavor, aroma and color. According to documented scientific studies has been identified as the best choice among most of any vegetable or animal fat, which helps to make balanced diet beneficial to the human body.

Our Olive Oil

There are some different ways of collecting the fruit from the tree depending what grade oil we want to take and how much it will cost us. Our choice, the best and most expensive way of collecting is with hands, when olives are starting to turn brown without being completely cured, so neither the fruit will be injured nor the tree, with that way we can get an excellent product. Following some other methods, the collection with the bars, picking off the ground and the collection with vibration. In these cases the olive oil we will take have some drawbacks.

Usually olives harvested in bags made of cannabis or crates and driven to the mills at the end of the day where the fruit is crushed to produce the oil. The most accurate way to get the best possible result except the variety, climatic conditions and how to gather important and essential role played by the waiting time the fruit until the pressing and mode of operation of the mill. All aforementioned work should be carried out as quickly as possible, our choice is to be completed within 24 hours in order to guard the olives from lesions (lesions, fungi, etc).

After the fruit is washed and cleaned of foreign matter (leaves, soil, etc.) it is guided in the crusher where the paste is produced which is composed of liquid and solid components of olive. Then driven into kneaders and centrifugal machines or extraction with presses where the oil will be separated from the remaining components of the fruit. Throughout the process an important role is the temperature of the water which is used will not exceed 27 degrees Celsius so that we have the known to us all "cold pressed" which contributes to the production of olive oil with excellent features.

The new crop of olive oil is stored in special stainless steel clean tanks with conical bottom to separate the sediment (solid components of oil) from the liquid oil. Our basic care and condition for storage is simple but very important to be clean. Cause the oil is a highly sensitive product that has the tendency to absorb odors.

One of the best varieties which produce olive oil in Greece is Koroneiki. Queen of Greek olive cultivars product of centuries of systematic cultivation particularly in the area of Messinia gives intense fruit flavors and rich fruity flavor with a slight spark. Invaluable in beneficial ingredients to the human body and low acidity at 0.25.

Koroneiki variety takes its name from the town of Koroni in Messinia. Soil quality in conjunction with the ideal climatic conditions mature this unique fruit that is harvested from November to December, which produces extra virgin olive oil with a deep glowing golden color, with bittersweet fruity taste, with dominant fruit flavors of apple and special low acidities. It contains ingredients that help maintain good health and it occupies an important position in the chain of the Mediterranean diet.

This exceptional product can be purchased from the company headquarters, shopping delicatessen, selected gourmet restaurants, from 5 star hotels in Halkidiki and soon outlets abroad.

This unique oil will be packed only in glass bottles and tinplate. Clear glass square bottle gift box in 250ml and 500ml, for everyday use dark green glass bottle 750ml, 500ml, 250ml and tin in tinplate packaging family of 5lt.

Health & Beauty

The World Health Organization launched an investigation in the 60s and which ended 30 years after discovering and confirming that the Mediterranean diet prolongs life and protects against heart disease and cancer.

In the food pyramid, therefore this extra virgin olive oil and olives occupy an important place as daily consumption of helping the body to not "rust" contributing to the smooth functioning of organs such as the stomach, liver, bile, intestine, and the heart by increasing good cholesterol (HDL ) while reducing the bad (LDL).

Since the time of Hippocrates, who referred to olive oil as a medicine for more than 60 diseases, people used it for their personal hygiene. With this they cleaned, flavored and cared over their body.

The application of olive oil can slow down skin aging, making it more elastic, smooth and soft. Preventing dryness and wrinkles. This is why it is added to many skin care products.

It is also beneficial to the scalp helping repairing damaged hair follicles providing moisture to the hair making it soft and shiny.

In recent years considered the "yellow gold" of anti-aging diet and beauty. Its properties in the protection of diseases but also the cosmetic care of human are already known since ancient times. Antioxidants and the content of vitamin E is an important factor in slowing down aging process. Either alone or as a component of a cosmetic formulation promotes good quality skin and hair.

Since ancient times people used olive oil to cleanse and revitalize the skin. Instead of spreading out an expensive body cream, prefer to massage a little olive oil and you will get a soft, smooth and perfectly hydrated skin.

Get a new daily habit of putting a small amount of olive oil in the cotton to wipe the makeup from your face, and in the evening before bed time remember to spread some in your hands. Gradually you will notice that your skin becomes smooth and shiny and your nails harder.